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All across the state, West Virginia Saves is helping West Virginians to build wealth through saving and the reduction of debt. West Virginia Saves provides tools and tips to help West Virginia Savers reach their personal financial goals.
Membership in West Virginia Saves is FREE and offers a lot of great benefits and incentives. You do not have to be rich to build wealth. Why wait another minute? Don't wait any longer, join West Virginia Saves today!

June Meeting
The WV Saves & EITC Coalition meeting will be held Wednesday, June 17, 2015 at 11:00 AM EDT. Meeting info will be posted here closer to the event!

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Tax Preparers: Watch out for New Phishing Scam

The IRS issued a Press Release regarding the details of the scam February 18, 2015. Please click here for details and protect yourself!

FDIC Money Smart -
A Financial Education Program

The Money Smart Computer-Based Instruction (CBI) is a friendly and easy to use learning tool that teaches the 10 modules of the Money Smart curriculum through a computer. The CBI can complement formal classes or enable people to study independently at their own pace. The CBI is for users age 13 and over.

West Virginia EITC


The EITC is a refundable federal income tax credit that provides millions of dollars in assistance to working individuals and families in West Virginia.


Meet a Saver

Nicky Vasquez - Saver Stories

Nicky Vasquez learned about Virginia Saves when she attended her first class with BankOn Virginia Beach. The instructor shared how important it was to have a written savings goal, and the entire class joined Virginia Saves as the first step toward financial fitness. Nicky learned how to better manage money and increase her savings. Read her story.

About West Virginia Saves

West Virginia Saves is a coalition of financial institutions, faith-based organizations, employers, schools, non-profit organizations, and government entities working together to motivate individuals and families to build wealth by saving.

Savings Tips

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IDAs, or Individual Development Accounts, are special matched savings accounts designed to help families and individuals of modest means establish a pattern of regular saving and, ultimately, purchase a "productive asset." A "productive asset" is something of value that is likely to return substantial long-term benefits to its owner-- benefits like security, stability and opportunities for more income. WVIDA program participants may use their savings and match money toward the purchase of a home, small business capitalization or post-secondary education. - Learn more



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